At Gaia Project Australia, we have reinvented the
cultivation of fresh produce from the ground up

Challenge Mission

Good food for healthier, happier humans in space and on Earth.

To create novel and game-changing food technologies or systems that require minimal inputs and maximize safe, nutritious, and palatable food outputs for long-duration space missions, and which have potential to benefit people on Earth.

Beyond Earth

Space flight’s unique specifications require new and innovative solutions to be able to provide nutritious, palatable food options for its crew.

Space missions have always relied on the ingenuity of technological and scientific advances, now spaceflight demands more from innovation as missions look further in to our solar system.

Space Agencies are now focused on lunar & Mars exploration and expanding our presence in the solar system, so providing safe, nutritious food is paramount for successful interplanetary missions.

On Earth

As the earth warms, food security is in danger for all peoples’, as biomass from agriculture continues to decrease due to inclement weather, and poor soil health.

The current food regime relies on vast logistical chains that are easily disrupted by economical and physical disasters, impacting the resilience of our food security.

As global warming advances, pressure is increasing on our food systems as our population booms. So, maximising the efficient use of water, nutrients, labour, and space is required as our traditional methods of agriculture buckle under the pressure worldwide.

Prototype Development

Providing future space explorers and people on Earth nutritious foods they will enjoy.


⦿ Help fill food gaps for a three-year round-trip mission with no resupply 

⦿ Feed a crew of four (4) astronauts

⦿ Improve the accessibility of food on Earth, in particular, via production directly in urban centers and in remote and harsh environments

⦿ Achieve the greatest amount of food output with minimal inputs and minimal waste

⦿ Create a variety of palatable, nutritious, and safe foods that requires little processing time for crew members.

Meet ICCM (Intelligent Crop Cultivation Module)​

A modular leafy green cultivation system capable of 
mimicking the plants natural growth cycle. Thus resulting in significant increase in the output yield and reduction in overall energy consumption.

 ICCM (Intelligent Crop Cultivation Module), a new outlook for urban fresh food cultivation.